Here we go again. The DC establishment uses MSM to promote presidential hopefuls.

With all the talk on TV these days you would think that the American people are really hyped about Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.  Yet when you walk down main-street USA you can’t find one person interested in seeing either of them become president.  So here we go again.  The Main Sewer Stream Media is telling us that the polls are saying Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are the presumptive party candidates.

Well it might really be the case that the Democrats are dying to see Hillary.  After all we really need someone more moderate after six years of Barack Obama.  I think that hope and change was more like double down on big government and get everyone on board to pay for it.  Barack Obama was bold and moved swiftly to consolidate the government bureaucratic unions in DC to lock out the republicans.  The IRS targeting scandal of the TEA Party was just one example of how the democrats plan to use government unions to target anybody that doesn’t play ball with them.  Mitt Romney’s politically deaf remarks that simply stated that 50% of Americans are reliant on the entitlement state and if you include government unions in that other voting block.  You can see how the numbers of mindless big government zombies are quickly becoming a powerful force that isn’t easily going to be defeated.  This is what the republicans are up against.

The republicans have once again proven that they really are the party of rich.  They simply have contempt for the poor.  This is why Obama is really smart in exploiting that.  Come on Jeb Bush….  So this is how the republican DC establishment is planning on responding to six years of Obama?  Wow.  This shows how much contempt the the DC establishment really has for the TEA Party.  They hate them almost as much as the democrats do.

So let’s face some facts.  The DC establishment doesn’t have your best interest in mind.  Watching the talking heads on Fox and ABC simply puts a exclamation point on that.  So if your having deja vu then your not alone.  This happens every 8 years now.  It may take more than electioneering to change it.  After all “Change you can deceive in!”  Has always been the theme when it comes to DC vs the people.

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