Why corporations seem to have more rights than you do.

I hear people say all the time with disdain…  “Corporations have more rights that I do as a citizen.”  On it’s face it seems true.  Try selling lemonade on your local street corner and you’re bound to think that.  Why is it that Corporations seem to be able to do things that you can’t?

The first myth is that corporations have rights in the first place.  The absolutely don’t have “rights”, however they do have “privileges”.  This can be confusing because the government has made a system of total control through the granting of “privileges” via licenses and statute laws.  The system of control comes from the government making the legal presumption that you are a corporation operating in “commerce”.  This presumption is correct because everything now in the “public sphere” is commerce.  The courts don’t recognize your “rights” at all.  In fact they can’t even see you as a “human”.  This is explained to you when you watch the “wizard of Oz” where the wizard behind the curtain declares that he is all powerful.  But in reality he is just a projection of the reality that we live.

“Oz”  is the “public sphere”  and the “Wizards” are “judges” hiding behind the “curtain”.  They are only able to see the fictions of the public.  The fictions are as follows…  The People, Public, Commerce, Currency, Real-estate , Privileges, and Human Resources.  The “reality’ and the “substance” behind these “fictions” are as follows… Humans, Citizens, Trade, Money “gold”, Land, Rights, and Labor.  Notice Corporations use all these terms that could be interpreted as the other. Break out a blacks law dictionary and they are defined similarly but in terms of the government control system are very different.  You “presume” falsely that the government is looking at you sitting in court as a “Human”.  What they see and and what they only can see is the “person”.  A ” Person” dose not have “Rights”.  A “Human” Does.  But the “Judge” the “Wizard” can’t see the “Human” he only sees the “Fictions” created by the “Government” control system.  All laws are created by congress to control and direct “Commerce”.  They are not there to get you your “Rights”.  You do have “Rights”  they are spelled out for you in the “Bill of Rights” in “Constitution of the United States”.

Yes you have “Rights”, but you must remember that when you go to court the presumption of the Wizard is that you are operating in Commerce in the Public.  The rules of commerce apply.  “Corporations” are “Fictions”.  In the Wizard of OZ a corporation is represented by the “Strawman”.   If only he had a brain.  He was not fully “Human” he was simply a “Person” operating in “Commerce”.  He is granted “Privileges” but not “Rights”.  Therefore he is no different than a corporation.  Dorthy and the Wizard are the Humans in the land of OZ.  But the Wizard made it a point to hide reality behind projections of reality. To the public these projections  were real because they were ignorant of the Wizard and his projectors.

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